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DFS File Locking

Microsoft DFS Replication vs. Peer Software's PeerSync & PeerLock

This white paper covers the following:
  • Why replication is important
  • Best Scenarios for DFSR
  • When DFSR is problematic
  • Best-of-breed technology choices


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DFS File Locking

Customers of Microsoft Windows Server may decide to employ the native DFS Replication (DFSR) capabilities for both branch office backup as well as inter-office file server mirroring. When enabling inter-office file server mirroring, the company's goal is to provide for employee file sharing. Generally this mechanism is far more efficient than emailing files amongst collaborative teams, especially if the files are large in size.

Though DFS R2 is a more reliable and "network friendly" replication tool in comparison to its FRS predecessor, it is still incomplete and inadequate for today's more collaborative environments where data needs to be shared in real-time, amongst branch offices and project teams operating in multiple locations.

How do you optimize DFS such that version conflicts are eliminated among multiple collaborative office locations?

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